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Access the full potential of mobile communication with mass text messaging campaigns. Reach your audience directly with personalised bulk SMS services. Set up contact lists, compose your message and schedule communications in a few clicks with SMSGlobal.

Premium Bulk SMS messaging routes

Schedule Bulk SMS and trigger keyword responses

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What is bulk SMS marketing?


Bulk SMS marketing leverages the power of mobile technology to connect businesses with new and existing customers - instantly!

With an average SMS open rate of 98%, Bulk SMS marketing can significantly improve the likelihood of your marketing message being seen by it's intended audience.

What's more - SMSGlobal's 2-way messaging functionality allows your audience to respond directly and continue the conversation.

Use bulk SMS marketing to keep your contacts informed with promotions, product & shipping updates, appointment reminders, time-sensitive updates, feedback requests and more...

Bulk SMS Web Portal


Message Xtreme, or MXT, was built explicitly for Bulk SMS sending and is the SMS platform used to access our global Bulk SMS gateway. It's the portal through which you can connect to every customer in your database, anywhere in the world, anytime.

24/7 premium support

Packed with bespoke features

Monitor, track and report efforts

Bulk SMS API Gateway


Experience a seamless transition when integrating bulk SMS messaging into your existing CRM, ERPs and eCommerce platforms. Watch your business grow with the ability to send Bulk Text natively from inside your current applications.

Seamless configuration

Scalable and secure SMS APIs

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Delivering results for our clients

Ben Kerswill

Leslie Leahy

MSS Platform Development Manager

Operations Director

The effort required to contact our members. The team at SMSGlobal took the time to learn our business and help provide us with custom solutions to meet our specific requirements. We use SMS in multiple areas of our business and it has proven to be an extremely effective medium for us.

SMSGlobal's messaging solution has complemented Mystrata's management and accounting software. With easy integration and ongoing support SMSGlobal has helped Mystrata's clients stay informed and up to date across multiple continents.


Enterprise Bulk SMS enhances business communication

Boost your communication strategy with business SMS services across all industries


Business SMS notifications keep your clients informed throughout all financial processes. By sending important information before your customers need it, you reduce inbound communications and maximize efficiency. Decrease collection costs and ensure prompt payments with SMS reminders that won’t go unnoticed.


Don’t waste valuable time and resources on phone calls and emails, send SMS appointment reminders, updates, and critical information directly to patients’ handsets. SMS alerts reliably inform staff of new working regulations and on-site incidents requiring an immediate response, keeping everyone informed.


Bulk SMS instantly connects you to staff, the general public, and media contacts to convey critical and time-sensitive messages. From educational campaigns to emergency notifications and crisis management, SMS enhances public safety and awareness.


Quickly notify customers and the greater community of impending maintenance work and service disruptions through a robust business SMS platform. SMS notifications ensure that customers are informed of any changes without delay.


SMS streamlines communication channels to better manage absentees, enrolment, and school events. In emergencies, bulk SMS notifications are essential to advise staff, students, and parents with necessary information.

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